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How TaPay™  Works

No more being stuck in one spot or tied to credit card terminals (and fees!), with TaPay all you need is a QR code or a mobile device and you’re in business.

Say goodbye to stress, and hello to TaPay.


  • Immediate payments: Scan a QR code or barcode, or let them scan yours – and get notified when the transaction completes.
  • Loyalty program: Reward your biggest fans with targeted campaigns and special offers, all at the touch of a button
  • Fast settlement: Get cash in your bank account quickly with TaPay’s automated settlement mechanism
  • Seamless refunds: Keep your customers happy with our easy refund process – a single touch and money is moved straight to your customer, with both parties receiving instant notifications. 
  • Extended reach: Grow your customer base easily via our ever-increasing pool of users, and watch as your revenue rises day by day!
  • Transparent and simple reporting: Stay up-to-date on the state of your business whenever and wherever you are with our detailed in-app real-time reports, and daily / weekly / monthly analytics that give you an accurate picture of your business’ health. Planning for the future has never been easier with so much information organised so intuitively right at your fingertips.

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