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Chloe chenOne of the values I respect most in others, is passion for work. It truly inspires me to see people who pursue their passions and truly enjoy what they do for a living. I’ve always believed it to be one of the keys to happiness and fulfilment, and Anies Bake House is a case in point. I was in Shaftsbury Square last week where I was told there was a good bakery in the building. I wasn’t too sure where it was, but it was my nose that led me right to Anies Bake House as I detected that unmistakable smell of warm butter from the freshly baked cakes. It was calling out to me, and naturally, I answered.

anis bake house

Anies runs her business with her son Angah who shares her passion for baking.

Anies Bake Studio at Shaftbury Square sell their cakes and confectionaries on site, but the studio also serves as a kitchen for Anies Bake House, which is located at DPULZE. Apparently there is a much wider selection of cakes and cookies at the DPULZE outlet but I have to say I was still spoilt for choice. I picked out a Red Velvet and the Marvelous Chocolate Belgium which came highly recommended by Anies herself.

anis bake house

Anies Bake House Kiosk at DPULZE mall.

anis bake house

Some of the cakes available at the DPULZE Kiosk.

anis bake house

For those of you who are watching your diet but are looking for a sweet treat, individual slices are also sold here!

anis bake house

I loved both cakes but I think my favourite amongst the two would have to be the Red Velvet.

While I was admiring the cakes on display, I spoke with Anies while she was in the midst of decorating one of her new creations the “ Chocolate Nutella Heaven”. Anies told me the story of how the business was born out of her passion for baking while she was still active in the corporate world. It all began when she decided to set up a kiosk at a flea market in Cyberjaya. It was not a daily market so she was only operating a couple of days a week, but the good reception she received at the flea market gave her the confidence to leave her corporate career and venture out on her own to pursue her passion, baking. Lucky us!

anis bake house

Anies was so kind, she offered me a doughnut and a cup of tea and it was heavenly. In the short time I was there, I saw people coming in and out just for the doughnuts!

anis bake house

Anies specialises in custom cakes for all occasions be it parties or corporate events

anis bake house

Anies also sells and takes orders for her cakes online.

anis bake house

Easy payment at Anies Bake Studio with TaPay!

It was not just the cakes that left me feeling happy, it was the warm hospitality and Anies’ clear passion for her work which truly made my day. She is pretty active on Instagram and Facebook where she often shares her latest creations so do follow her if you share the same passion for baking!

Anies Bake House
Dpulze Shopping Center
LG Opposite MPH (16.57 mi)
Cyberjaya 63000

Anies Bake Studio
P3-09, Persiaran Multimedia,
Cyber 6, Cyberjaya

Facebook : Anies Bake House @AniesBH
Instagram : @aniesbakehouse @aniescakearchitect

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