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Fullrich Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an approved e-money issuer by Bank Negara Malaysia and financial technology solutions provider established to empower consumers and businesses and contribute to Malaysia’s digital economy agenda.

Funded by the Barrington Group, Fullrich Malaysia aims to realize the full benefits of technology in everyday life, aided by its partnerships with Affin Bank and Cyberview.

TaPay has been extensively localized to address regulatory and market requirement, and incorporates international best practices and standards. Besides that, our acquired merchants would have the ability to control their day to day business through the merchant mobile application called TaPayBiz that allow them to collect payment, providing daily transaction report, advertisement platform for merchants to advertise their product and many others.

Apart from its own e-wallet, TaPay, Fullrich Malaysia provides white label mobile applications that can be customized to suit any entity, and holistic technology solutions across industries such as education, hospitality, facilities management, medical, oil & gas, and retail.

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