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How TaPay™  Works

Discover a whole new world at your fingertips with TaPay – an innovative financial solution that allows you to store funds, credit cards, and loyalty cards in one place! 

No more heading to the ATM to withdraw cash before going to makan, no more trying to buy more items you don’t need to make the minimum credit card purchase amount, no more carrying extra wallets full of loyalty cards for hundreds of stores – with TaPay, your life is simplified into a single app. 


  • Instant payments: Scan a QR code or barcode, or let them scan yours – and get notified when the transaction completes immediately.
  • Peer-to-peer transfer: Friend owes you money? Need a ‘loan’ from mom or dad? Get funds instantly via TaPay, and never go hungry again!
  • Loyalty card storage: Keep all your loyalty cards in TaPay, and never worry about not bringing the right card along or bringing too many cards out with you.
  • Promotions: Receive Cash Back and Coupons when you use our app, and redeem points to get more special offers!

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