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Cyberjaya, 7 December 2017 – Fullrich Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Fullrich), a local financial technology solutions provider, today cast its net across the wider Cyberjaya community in the building of Malaysia’s first collective-driven e-wallet, TaPay™, together with partners Cyberview Sdn Bhd (Cyberview) and AFFINBANK Group.

The event also saw Tan Sri Irwan witnessing the signing of a definitive agreement between Fullrich and Cyberview, and the signing of Memorandums of Understanding between Fullrich and AFFIN, as well as Fullrich with Picksum (a local fashion e-commerce market place), AladdinStreet (a halal e-commerce marketplace), and myrelo (a Malaysian moving and storage business).

TaPay, built with the community in mind, is currently being refined and strengthened via direct engagement and sourcing of input from the 100,000 strong Cyberjaya collective of businesses, residents, education institutions, and students. Other parties representing various communities and market segments are also being engaged on an ongoing basis.

“In line with our ethos of ‘Creating The Future Together’, the team behind TaPay continues to update the app based on suggestions and feedback in order to ensure wide acceptance among consumers and businesses when TaPay launches officially,” said Chief Executive Officer of Fullrich, Muhammad Hudhaifa Ahmad.

Beyond purchases of goods and services, and peer-to-peer transfers, the app aims to make users’ lives easier by allowing users to store loyalty cards within it, thereby reducing the need for individuals to carry bulky wallets filled with cash, credit cards, membership / rewards program cards, and receipts. Like the features of the consumer app TaPay, the reporting, analysis and direct engagement functions built into the merchant version (TaPay Biz) also stem from community feedback and suggestions.

“Cyberjaya is being equipped with infrastructure and features within the city in line with its smart city roadmap. TaPay’s decision to grow with the Cyberjaya community will no doubt contribute to the smart city solutions within the ecosystem, driving this city towards its goal of becoming a Global Tech Hub,”.

“We are very grateful to our partners, Cyberview and AFFIN, for their tireless assistance and dedication towards making TaPay a reality,” continued Muhammad Hudhaifa. “Today we are one step closer towards realizing an app for the people by the people, and one step further along our journey towards helping realize the national e-payment agenda. We will continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of the communities we operate in, and are committed to providing the best possible financial technology solutions to Malaysia – starting with a Global Tech Hub like Cyberjaya.”

“Working together with Fullrich in bringing TaPay to market is one of the initiatives that Cyberview is striving diligently towards with its partners, in order to accelerate a cashless society here in Cyberjaya,” said Mohd Najib Ibrahim, Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd.

“As our goals are aligned with the government’s aim in growing Malaysia’s digital economy, we are very excited to collaborate with Fullrich in developing this FinTech solution. We cannot wait to realize the full potential of TaPay’s integration into everyday living for the residents and businesses here in Cyberjaya,” added Mohd Najib.

“We are very happy to explore a partnership with TaPay to allow us to be the first local fashion e-commerce platform using mobile e-wallet on With the rise of online shopping trends in Malaysia, having the TaPay e-wallet is relevant and in line with youths’ lifestyles, and the objective of PickSum that features local youth entrepreneurs for the youth,” said Director of PickSum, Tan Shyue Wern.


About Fullrich Malaysia
Fullrich Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a financial technology solutions provider established to empower consumers and businesses, and contribute to Malaysia’s digital economy agenda. Powered by technology from Fullrich Beijing and funded by the Barrington Group, localized to address regulatory and market requirements, and incorporating international best practices and standards, Fullrich Malaysia aims to realize the full benefits of technology in everyday life. Apart from its own e-wallet, TaPay (not yet launched officially), Fullrich Malaysia provides white label mobile applications that can be customized to suit any entity, and holistic technology solutions across industries such as education, hospitality, facilities management, medical, oil & gas, and retail.

About Affin Bank Berhad

Affin Bank Berhad (AFFINBANK) provides a suite of financial products and services that caters to retail, SME and corporate customers. The target business segments are categorized under key business units such as Consumer Banking, SME & Commercial Business Banking, Corporate & Public Sector Business Banking and Treasury.

The tagline of “Banking Without Barriers” signifies the removal of boundaries within the processes of AFFINBANK, reaching out to customers, improving relationships with them, making each one of them feel privileged and enhancing a new approach to banking and changing the face of conventional banking.

AFFINBANK also provides Islamic banking products and services via its Islamic banking subsidiary Affin Islamic Bank Berhad (AFFIN ISLAMIC). AFFIN ISLAMIC, a full-fledged Islamic bank, offers a complete range of Islamic Banking products and services which are in compliance with Shariah principles and laws.

For more information, please log on to or or visit any of the AFFINBANK or AFFIN ISLAMIC branches.

About Cyberview Sdn Bhd
Cyberview has been at the forefront of Malaysia’s development as a technological hub since its inception in 1996. Starting out as the developer of Cyberjaya, it has grown from strength to strength, until maturing into its current role as an enabler of global tech hubs. For more information, please visit

For Media Enquiries:
Nurul Hafiza, Manager, Marketing @Fullrich Malaysia: [email protected]
Iza Sofia Kasbi, Senior Manager, Corporate Communication, Marketing & Corporate Services Division @Cyberview: [email protected]

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