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Along with bungee jumping, paragliding is one of the things that have always been on my bucket list. Prosky Adventure recently came on board as merchants on TaPay so this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally tick that off my list of things to do. I’m not afraid of heights, but the thought of jumping off a hill and leaving my fate to the wind did make me a little bit nervous. A few things ran through my mind like, what if suddenly, the wind stopped blowing while I was midway through the paraglide? How would the landing be? What if I don’t land where I’m supposed to? I stopped myself from googling things like “ what can go wrong during a paraglide” and decided to focus on the amazing experience I was sure it was going to be. I told my colleagues I was going to do it, and quickly set a date so there was no turning back.

The big day finally came, and I set off for Bukit Jugrah, Banting. Our jump was at 2pm but we arrived at about noon to be able to check out the area. Neither of us had been to Banting before so we thought we’d reach early to explore the nearby villages and perhaps grab some lunch while we were there. With no particular destination in mind, we took the car and wandered off to see where our curiosity would lead us.

prosky at bukit jugra

There was a Paragliding competition happening when we arrived and I managed to take some beautiful photos from the top of the hill.


prosky at bukit jugra

Luck was on our side that day, we had beautiful weather.


After taking a quick look, we set off on our little adventure to go get lunch. After about 10 minutes of aimless driving, we came across what looked like a little fishing village as we saw many parked fishing boats by the river. We found a nice little stall where we had our lunch and even managed to squeeze in a mini karaoke session! I actually had so much fun at the village, I had never experienced public karaoke and especially not in a food stall during the day. At this point, my day was already off to a great start.

prosky at bukit jugra

Getting geared up for the paragliding. I’m not going to lie, I had butterflies in my stomach at this point.


After lunch, we made our way back to the top of Bukit Jugrah for our paragliding. They gave us a helmet and some safety harnesses which we had to get into which attached us to our instructor for the tandem paragliding. When we were all set to go, my instructor told me to run. I was a little confused.. Run? “Yes just run”. I did as I was told, and after having taken a few steps, I felt myself being pulled upwards, and the next thing I knew, I was flying! The view was beautiful from up above and my instructor told me he could take me higher if I wanted. It was really impressive as we flew higher and the things on land became gradually smaller. Each session usually lasts between 15-30 minutes but I asked how long paragliders can remain airborne and my instructor said his record flight was more than 4 hours! I have to admit I felt a little vulnerable flying up in the air with my legs dangling down but the experience was so thrilling I didn’t think of the disaster scenarios I had envisioned before.

prosky at bukit jugra

All set and ready for take off!

I was given a handheld GoPro before take-off so I was glad I got to record the entire experience from start to finish. I put together a highlight video of my experience which I will be uploading to Tapay’s FB page so if you want to check it out, head on over there! The price per session is RM 220 which I feel is absolutely worth it for such an adrenaline pumping, once in a lifetime experience. The good news though, is that Tapay users get a 10% discount so the price for a session goes from RM 220 to RM 198! It’s a wonderful weekend activity to do with friends or family and it’s a great opportunity for a short road trip to the countryside. We had such a great time that day we were already planning our next visit on our drive back!

Prosky Adventure
Address: Bukit Jugra, 42700
Banting, Selangor.

Phone: 0192881803


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