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Shaftsbury Square is quite a popular lunch destination for us at TaPay because of the many options available within the complex, many of which have TaPay as a payment option. I had a lunch meeting with my colleague Stephanie the other day and she suggested we visit Kiraku Japanese Restaurant. Perfect timing, as I happened to be craving sushi. We had heard good reviews about the place so we were both pretty excited about the food we were about to have.

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant


I have to say one of the things I like about Shaftsbury is how well indicated the parking is. The signage is really well done and it tells you exactly where you should park according to where it is you want to go. I saw the sign for Kiraku and parked in the suggested zone and got to Kiraku really easily upon exiting the parking lot. Really convenient! I appreciate the time I save and the hassle of walking in circles looking for the restaurant.

Kiraku has a large dining space with ample seating.


We had a look through the extensive menu and ordered 6 dishes to share between the two of us. Pretty ambitious of us, but we were both hungry and everything looked so good we could not resist! Our first order was the Tamago Yaki (RM6) which was a light Japanese omelette which was perfect to start with. The layers were nice and fluffy and the egg had a mild sweetness which I enjoyed.

Tamago Yaki (RM6)


Volcano Maki Roll (RM 26).


The Volcano Maki Roll was sushi rolls covered in a delicious Mentaiko style sauce.


I tend to be attracted to terms like “volcano” in food names because it usually implies ooziness of some kind, and whether it be cheese, chocolate or some other sauce, I’m usually in. The picture in the menu seemed promising for the Volcano Maki Roll, and it certainly did not disappoint! It was pretty rich and copious, but we had no problem cleaning the plate.

One of my must orders whenever I have Japanese food, Avocado Mentai Roll (RM 25)


This is always a foolproof order for me because of my undying love for the avocado and mentaiko sauce marriage so it’s no surprise I really enjoyed this. Can we also talk about how pretty this dish is? I ended up with tons of photos on my phone of this maki roll from every angle possible.


We ordered the Wakame Mango Salad (RM 18), because of course we never forget our greens. The salad was nice and fresh with a bit of a nutty taste which I believe came from the sesame dressing.



This order was pure greed on my behalf because Stephanie doesn’t take chicken, but I just can’t resist fried chicken sometimes. I saw the Tori Kaarage (RM 15) on the menu and I just had to have it. I couldn’t finish it all on my own and ended up packing it, but I have no regrets whatsoever.


A bird’s-eye view of our feast.

By the time the Nori Butter Prawns (RM 26) arrived, we were both really full but somehow managed to finish this as well. The prawns were nice and juicy and we liked the sauce that they came with.


We might have over ordered a little for just the two of us but the food was so good we did not waste any of it. The only thing we couldn’t finish was the Tori Karaage, which I packed and finished on the way home while I was stuck in traffic! All in all, we had a very pleasant lunch experience at Kiraku with delicious food, and very friendly service throughout. Our ocha was refilled regularly and the restaurant manager Peggy was very accommodating and checked in with us to see if everything was alright. I will definitely pay Kiraku another visit, sooner rather than later!

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant 喜樂
Address: P3, 25, Persiaran Multimedia, Shaftsbury Square, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-8318 6003
Hours: Opens Daily, 11.30 AM – 3.00 PM, 5 PM – 10 PM
*Closed on Sunday
FB: @kirakujapaneserestaurant
IG: @kirakujapaneserestaurant

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