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Chloe chenCraving for some snacks while at work last week, my TaPay colleagues recommended Quick Grab, located on the ground floor of the Kanvas SOHO apartments in Cyberjaya. Being new to the area,  I had never heard of Quick Grab before this. A quick Google search yielded no results, and I could not find it on Waze either so you could say at this point that Quick Grab was somewhat of a hidden gem! With no clue how to get to the store, I was beginning to give up on the snacks I had in mind. Thankfully, somebody told me all I had to do was to Waze to Kanvas SOHO to get to Quick Grab which is exactly what I did, and it led me right to it.


Quick Grab Cyberjaya

I was pleased to find that parking was a breeze in the area. There were many empty lots available right in front.

tapay quick grab

There is an outdoor seating area at Quick Grab where customers can hang out and grab a quick bite.


The first thing I noticed about Quick Grab was that apart from the regular products you might find at a convenience store, they carried a lot of household items such as brooms and kitchen utensils which could come in handy.

Quick Grab Cyberjaya   Quick Grab Cyberjaya
Fresh fruits and vegetables available at Quick Grab.


Quick Grab Cyberjaya

The sign I saw at the entrance offering Shisha delivery services

Quick Grab also carries fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables so you could even drop by for some light grocery shopping. It’s pretty convenient at times when you only one thing to get and you don’t want to go all the way to the supermarket just for one item. One other thing which caught my eye while I was there was that they offer a shisha delivery service. This I had never seen before.

I went in wanting to get myself a coffee but I came out with quite a bit more. This happens to me quite often when I walk into convenience stores. I spent RM 20 on that visit which got me 2 energy bars, a coffee, a packet of biscuits and my favourite salt and vinegar crisps. If you live or work around the area, and need to grab some last minute groceries or a quick snack, you know where to go!





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